Business Buyer
With a heart

I Buy Professional Service Businesses From Owners That Share The Same Ethical Values And Beliefs.

When I buy your company, I keep the team intact and grow it to exponential heights.

My beliefs

Keeping Jobs In America

The professional services industry is the backbone of America. By keeping jobs in America, we can help ensure a strong and prosperous future for ourselves and generations to come.

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USA Pride

I have a deep appreciation for Freedom and Opportunity.
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Hard Work

The key to the American Dream is Built on Hard Work and Sweat.
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Trust and Respect are rooted in my value system and the only way to do business.
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Financial Security

Creating a legacy of stability and prosperity for small business owners, our families, and our communities.

My Values

  • Joy
  • Health
  • Empathy
  • Helping People
  • Doing The Right Thing
  • Believing In Something Greater

"Cared About Us"

"I'd say he cared about us. A feeling you rarely get from others"

Brandon Pindulic
Sold 2022




Jobs Created
Our community matters

America’s change begins with you and me.

As a business buyer, I firmly believe that people are at the heart of every successful enterprise. Unlike many other buyers who may be solely focused on maximizing their financial returns, I believe that investing in people and building strong relationships with employees, customers, and other stakeholders is the key to long-term success.

To me, a successful business is not just about the bottom line - it's about creating a positive impact on the world around us. By prioritizing the needs of employees, customers, and other stakeholders, we can create a business that is not only financially successful, but also socially and ethically responsible.

Take the next step towards securing your legacy & ensuring the future success of your business

Thanks for joining us!
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All Inquires Are 100% Confidential
simple Process

My Process Is Agile, Generous, & Easy To Understand

Respect for your time and mine, no hidden agenda.

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60 Minutes

Meet me for a chemistry-check call.

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48 Hours

After signing an NDA, we meet and discuss some high level information about the business and get to know each other. Some easy to produce data is exchanged and I dive in.

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1 Week

I make you a non-binding generous offer for a partnership, investment, or acquisition.

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30 Days

Close the deal with an easy 30-days due diligence process.

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A Guarantee

If for whatever reason I dont close the deal, I pay you $2,500 for your precious time and I will offer you constructive feedback that will help you for the future.

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Full Price Offer

I put my own money on the line. More importantly, I put in my time as well and have the upmost respect for your money and time. If we are off on the price, we shake hands and move on.

Positive - Optimistic - loyal

See what the people are saying about Jay Dixon

“Fostering a positive and productive transaction that was focused on my goals”

I had the pleasure of working with Jay on the sale of my business, during which time I was consistently impressed
by his abilities and skills. One of the things that impressed me the most about Jay was his vision. I was concerned
with maintaining my company’s culture, team, and ensuring a successful outcome. Jay got it.

Ryan Wilson
Denver, CO

“Thanks Jay!  I appreciate all of your work to make this happen!”

Thanks Jay, and I hope can do more of these together in the future.

David Reske
Boston, MA

“He cared”

Understood our business well....and captured the size of our company and treated us like so. We never felt pressured to make a decision so I’d say they cared about us and you rarely get that feeling.

Brandon Pindulic
Austin, TX

“Immense patience”

Thanks for the hard work, and the support getting through final negotiations and due diligence. Shout out to Jay and team for their immense patience with me.

Josh Rubin
Sacramento, CA

“Thanks for your help”

Jay- Thank you for your help in getting this deal closed.  

Scott Brandon
Myrtle Beach, SC

“Definetely going to recommend you”

I've been have a great time working with you. I'm definitely going to recommend you guys to some of my friends in the space when they are looking to acquire a business or sell their own.

Nick Banik
Portland, OR
Family and Business Man

Our Relationships Run Deep In Business

Reputation is the highest importance to my family name. When we do business, rest assured it will be done with integrity, professionalism, and respect.

Continuing The Family Values

My father began as a school janitor yet his passions drove him to ultimately become Chairman of the State Facility Coalition, the largest in the country, and featured in Parade magazine. My mother taught school for 40 years, and her passion was so inspiring that she was later nationally featured when a former student named their child after her. These two dedicated people taught me to give 100% to whatever I chose to do in life. Hard work, loyalty, and the pursuit of excellence is rooted in me while my greatest joy is being a Dad to a beautiful daughter who inspires me everyday.